Flip Like Wilson began in the summer of 1995 when 7 Philadelphia-area musicians decided to put a new twist on the local cover band scene.

The goal was two-fold: 1) avoid predictable selections in favor of an eclectic repertoire consisting of many different styles and genres, and 2) play with an unsurpassed level of intensity and energy.

Word of the young new band spread quickly, and with each show they saw their audience grow. Soon, Flip Like Wilson was packing venues in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. with its unique mix of 70's hard rock, 80's new wave, and 90's alternative and hip-hop.

Now a lean 6-piece, a little older but no less committed to the fans and the music, Flip Like Wilson adds recent and current music to the show, and brings back their great energetic and entertaining performances.

Flip Like Wilson

Joey Ippolito – Lead Vocals

Mike Brenner – Vocals, Sax, Percussion

Billy Neill – Guitar, Vocals

Kevin McDermott – Bass, Vocals

Chris Myers – Keys, Vocals

Bob Castaldi – Drums

Flip Like Wilson

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